I am a Patriots fan who does not want Tom Brady back 

I am 24-years old. I am from Maine. I am a diehard Boston sports fan.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady has brought me more joy than possibly anyone else since six-year-old me watched him lead the Patriots to their first-ever Super Bowl Championship in 2001. 

He is the greatest quarterback of all time. A class act, and the greatest competitor to ever step foot on the football field. Maybe even in sports. He will be the athlete I tell my kids about. He will be the guy that we compare everyone to when someone else climbs the ladder in Boston sport. He will likely “not be like” Brady. He will be the one athlete that morphed my childhood. 

I might even name my kid Tom or Brady.

But on Monday, January 6th, 2020 I will go on record saying it. I do not want Tom Brady quarterbacking the New England Patriots when they step foot on the football field in September of 2020. I even signed this document 

In fact, I am actively rooting for Brady to sign elsewhere. Not even retire. 

This past season, Brady was throwing to Julian Edelman, Jame White and a bunch of kids who did not what was going on. No matter how good Brady was it was not going to work. That’s why familiar foes Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill walked into Gillette and threw the Patriots out of the playoffs.

Wouldn’t Pats fans want the best for TB12. Brady had nothing around him. If nothing changes, I don’t want to watch Brady go through that again. At 43, I want Brady to go somewhere to flourish as he deserves. Give him Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler and the city of L.A. Give him Mike Evans and Chirs Goodwin in Tampa Bay. Give him someone more than the corpse of Julian Edelman and two kids running around. Give him 30 million dollars. 

For the Patriots sake, please do not be loyal to Brady risking for the next 10 years. I can not live through what the generation before me lived through. I heard them talk about it. It flat out sucks. 

I have heard nothing but bad stories about what the Pats were before Brady. I can’t live in that time. Don’t try to drag Brady along for another couple more years of whatever this was., It’s time for the Patriots to move on. I don’t know if Jarrett Stidham is the guy, but why try to build something that’s not there with Brady and the young guys. 

I am not expecting them to do what Brady did making the Super Bowl nine-time. That will never happen again. With Belichick still running the ship, I trust that he will bring in the right guy (Jimmy G seems alright). In a  piss-poor AFC East, I don’t think it is that crazy for the Patriots to stay in contention if they move on from Brady. 

Stidham will have no choice but to work with the youngs N’Keal Harry and Jakobi Myers who I believe have tons of potential.

Not to mention the defense. He will have to work with Sony Michel too. Anyone else they bring will have too. Brady in New England could ruin those draft picks and the future, 

Brady and the Patriots have had a great marriage but I firmly believe that in 2020, both would be better off parting ways. And yes, I am a Patriots fan actively rooting for it. 


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